Digital interactive map of architecture designed by women in Spain.


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Do you want to know interactively what buildings and urban spaces have been designed by women since the 1960s?

The project
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What is our goal?

This research project has the basic objective of creating a digital interactive map in order to situate and document the work of Spanish women architects that we are at present studying as part of the research project “Women in Spanish (post)modern architectural culture, 1965-2000”.

This interactive map will be free to use via a website for anybody who wishes to visit it. The works will appear geo-positioned and classified according to their type (single-family dwelling, collective dwelling, educational centre, urban design, institutional building, park, health centre, heritage restoration, etc.), their date of completion and their female authorship (indicating the project team). It will be accompanied by an explanation with relevant details and a critical commentary on the works shown, as well as informative photographs about them.

This map is necessary because, despite the fact that hundreds of women have been practising architecture for more than half a century, their works hardly ever appear in books or manuals on the history of Spanish architecture. As a result, there is a dearth of knowledge concerning the contributions made by women architects to Spain’s built environment and its architectural culture. Therefore, the creation of a digital interactive map to enable the consultation of their works will be an extremely useful and easy to access tool that will allow us to overcome the current state of ignorance concerning female-authored architecture.

This map will show visually, in a quick, simple and compelling way, the numerous works of architecture, urban planning, design and landscape created by Spanish women.

After a year and a half of work, we have already documented and analysed around a hundred works by some sixty Spanish architects built between 1965 and 2000. In addition, we have managed to locate other works of shared authorship with male colleagues. In the next year and a half, we hope to further analyse several hundred more works designed by women architects. With this interactive map we want to create a digital archive tool that becomes a consultation resource for future researchers and architecture lovers.


Who will benefit from our project?

This research project benefits all those interested in art and architecture and their respective histories, both nationally and internationally. Studying and analysing the work done by Spanish women architects since the 1960s, contextualising it in its historical moment and assessing its contribution to Spanish architectural culture will be essential to expose female talent and to make society as a whole aware of the buildings and women authored urban spaces that exist in our country.

This project will also greatly benefit the entire educational community related to architecture and the built environment: teachers, researchers and students. It will generate new knowledge and awareness of neglected architecture in the books and manuals currently used for teaching in schools, colleges and universities. It will also open new avenues of investigation for future researchers in art and architecture history. Furthermore, specialised tourism will be encouraged by promoting visits to cities and towns where the architects studied have designed buildings and public spaces.

The creation of the interactive map will help to analyse, study and publicise the work done by women in architecture, showing how they have been actively involved in this discipline for decades. In this way we will avoid our understanding of the history of Spanish architecture becoming skewed by gender and limited to the study of male authored architecture, which belies the reality of the profession.


Do you want more information?

You can see all the activities we carry out on our website: scientific publications already published, participation in national and international conferences, videos made about our annual scientific meetings, as well as a podcast of our participation in the media. You can also read more technical information about the project and meet all the members of the team. You can visit us at:

You can also follow us on social networks:

If you want to know more about the main research project, you can access its curriculum here:

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