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In Spain, more than 5000 cases of uterine cancer are diagnosed each year. It is the most common cancer in the female reproductive system.

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With this study, we want to expand the diagnostic capacity of uterine cancer and thus be able to apply more specific and individual therapies. In turn, we hope to identify new drugs that increase the effectiveness of current treatments. For tumors to grow and invade healthy tissue, cancer cells need to escape out of the physical confinement imposed by the tumor and its immediate environment. Among the various invasion routes, they use the infiltration of nearby tissues through collagen fibers. Changes in the disposition of the fibers will help the tumor cells to escape and determine a greater degree of tumor aggressiveness.

This study aims to analyze at the microscopic level the architecture of reticulin fibers (type III collagen) in the infiltration margin of two of the types of cancers that settle in the uterus: adenocarcinomas (tumors originating in the inner layer of the uterus, the endometrium) and leiomyosarcomas (originating in the intermediate layer or smooth muscles of the uterus). For this analysis, we have optimized mathematical algorithms that allow us the digital analysis of microscopic images of stained reticulin fibers. With the algorithms, we can determine the angle of the fibers with respect to the tumor boundary and other morphometric characteristics such as their width, length or curvature.

We want to establish a pattern of reticular fibers in the infiltration margin of the myometrium (part of the normal uterus) or peripheral tumor border that allows us to determine its use as a therapeutic target. The characterization of the architecture of these fibers will allow us to understand and study the biomechanical processes in these tumors and thus be able to design specific, tolerable and low-toxic therapies.

The longer-term goal is to establish, using artificial intelligence, a method of automatic characterization of reticulin fibers that serves as a publicly accessible platform for digital pathology in different tumors rich in reticulin fibers such as primary or metastatic liver or bone marrow cancers, among others, to study its therapeutic potential.

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